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Create AI images, for Free! Generate unique characters and scenes - Adapter FaceID

Hey there! Imagine this: You upload your photo, type in a cool idea, and BAM! Your face becomes part of an awesome character scene. That's what Character AI Generator tool does – it takes your face and makes it part of different  characters and situations! We can also call the character Ai tool ( Ai photo maker, InstantID, IP-Adapter-FaceID )

Create AI images, for Free! Generate unique characters and scenes by simply typing in what image you want to generate


Tips for Proper Usage

1. Use Responsibly: Users should employ the tool responsibly, respecting privacy and personal rights of others.

2. Avoid Misuse: Users should refrain from using the tool in ways deemed abusive or inappropriate, such as for deception or insulting others.

3. Privacy Awareness: Encourage users to respect the privacy of individuals in the images and refrain from using the tool to share photos without proper consent.

4. Potential Risks: we clarify the potential risks to users, such as sharing images in unsafe spaces or compromising privacy.

5. Adherence to Policies:

We are committed to complying with Google's policies, which may include preserving user privacy and not compromising personal data. Users are expected to use the tool in line with these policies, and we do not endorse or support any usage conflicting with these policies.



character ai generator

What's Character AI All About?

So, here's the deal: Character Ai tool is all about making stories with your face in them! You tell it what character or situation you want, and it makes a picture where you're right in the middle of the action.



Ai Photo Maker : Make Your Own Adventures!

With Character AI, it's like making your own movie scenes. Ever wanted to be a hero saving the day? Or maybe a pirate hunting for treasure? This tool brings those ideas to life by putting your face in those cool adventures.

Ai character generator.

InstantID - Simple Steps to Explore the Magic

1. Upload Your Face Photo: Start by uploading your face photo to the tool's interface.

You can upload more than one photo for the same person , and tool will detect the better facial details.

 Press on " remove image " button below the uploade image to remove it and add a new one.


2. Enter Your Prompt: Describe the scenario or action you want to see in the generated images.


3. Enter the negative prompt to exclude it while generating the image


4. Generate Your AI Images: Click "Submit" and watch as the AI works its magic, producing images that align with your prompt.



Important tips to improve the results

Tips for character ai

1. Don't use Ai images & or images from ( this person does not exist ) sites.


2. Select Clear and Well-Cropped Face Images

Ensure the face image used is clear, well-focused, and properly cropped. A high-quality image with the face prominently visible will yield more accurate and detailed results.

This step is not mandatory , but recommended.

💢 You Can use our Ai tools to improve your photo quality,  lightening and Colorization from the main menu ( photoshop using Ai section ).


3. Suggestions for negative prompt

monochrome, lowres, bad anatomy, worst quality, low quality, blurry.

4. Examples for the prompt

Linkedin profile picture.

A singer ( man,woman, kid, .. ) on stage.

A politician ( man ,..) talking to the people.

An astronaut ( man , .. ) in space.

Ai character generator

Think of any character you want

pirate - pharaoh - Hollywood super star receives the Oscar - ...

Show your creativity and art - the created images can be downloaded by clicking on the small arrow at the top right of the image, or long pressing on the image and choosing download.



Character Ai Versions

There are two versions of Character Ai 

First version (M1): restricted ( not opened ) in certain regions according to the security policy.

Second version (M2): Advanced & enabling you to generate ai images & merging your face with them , and enhancing the image quality.

Character Ai m1: restricted ( not opened) in certain regions

If it is not available in your region and it does not open with you below, use the second version (M2)

Character Ai M2: advanced & available for all


Tips for Optimal Results - Advanced Settings

1. Open the advanced settings.

2. It's preferable to leave the "preserve face structure" option enabled if you do not wish to alter facial features.

3. "Face structure strength" option:

This option controls the degree of merging your facial features with the image.

For example, if you wish to make your face appear smaller or larger to simulate aging effects, reducing the merging strength might be a better choice.

However, if you aim to maintain the integrity of your facial features, it's recommended to set it to values like 1, 1.5, 2, etc.

4. "Face embedding strength" option:

This option regulates the ratio of face size compared to the image.

It's preferable to keep it on the default setting.

It is preferable to upload more than one photo of yourself, as this allows the tool to recognize your facial structure very well.

Try both photorealistic & stylized options.

🫠 Create images for yourself in different jobs, just by entering one word.

Doctor , engineer,  police man, astronaut, pilot ,... and keep enjoying. 

You can add also ( man, woman, child, old man) according to your uploaded photo.


A photo of a doctor woman.

A photo of a child eating breakfast.


Ai photo maker

Enjoy with the following prompts

Consider to change according to your requirements ( man, woman, child, old man). 

  • A girl with white hair
  • A very angry man
  • Marble sculpture of a girl
  • Fauvism painting of a girl
  • Watercolor painting of a child
  • A girl in ghibli anime style.




Instant ID

1. Don't upload Ai images & or photos from "person doesn't exist" sites - because the tool may detect this and give you error.

2. Use a cropped image with clear facial features, the tool allows you to upload more than one image.

You can use our tool "EnhanceX Ai" to improve your image quality before uploading it here.

3. It takes up to one minute to generate the images.

4. Choose between:

photorealistic option : if you want a realistic photo.

Stylized option : for Artistic creation.

This depends on your prompt 

- prompt including painting, portrait, .. >> Select stylized option.


Reasons why errors may occur and how to solve them

1. You have uploaded Ai images,The tool may give errors with such images.

2. You entered incorrectly written or incomprehensible text.

So, revise your prompt.

3. Sometimes, and rarely, the tool does not recognize the uploaded image.

The lighting may be too intense in your photo.

When this happens, just change the uploaded image.

Examples for stylized option

Character Ai generator

Prompt :

A unique artistic portrait representing a ( man ) , constructed entirely from an array of torn fabric and paper pieces using various textures and colors, showcasing an intricate patchwork of torn fabric and crumpled paper. The fabric and paper should appear realistically torn and crinkled, with edges frayed and curled. The background is simple and plain to highlight the detailed construction of the figure. The overall tone of the image is creative and surreal.

Character Ai

Prompt : a watercolor painting of a woman.

More examples for prompts ( Stylized option )
First Example

a portrait for a ( man , woman , child, old man,.. ) in the style of leonardo Davincci.

Or in the style of other artists . Like

  • Michelangelo
  • Van Gogh
  • Picasso
  • Rembrandt
  • Salvador Dalí
  • Raphael
  • Vermeer
Second Example

A watercolor print of a samurai warrior.


Third Example

A charcoal drawing of ( man, woman,..).

Forth Example ( photorealistic - stylized )

A photograph of a seated man in the style of film noir.



Examples to create your ai character - photorealistic option

First Example
Ai personal photo Generator

Prompt : A child boy celebrating Christmas.



Second Example
character ai photomaker

Prompt : Manchester united player 



Third Example
Instant D

Prompt : man eating fish.

Share Your Awesome Characters!



Important Clarification - Read it carefully

The app is intended for fun and entertainment purposes only. We have added filters and warnings to ensure the safety and well-being of users, and to prevent any misuse of the images created by the app.

However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the generated images, and users should not rely solely on the app for any purpose. By using the app, users agree to hold us harmless for any potential harm or damage caused by the use of the app or the images created by it.

Includes extra features to mitigate the implicit bias of the model and prevent explicit usage of it to generate content with faces of people, including third parties.



License- Read it carefully

The Responsible AI License allows users to take advantage of the model in a wide range of settings (including free use and redistribution) as long as they respect the specific use case restrictions outlined, which correspond to model applications the licensor deems ill-suited for the model or are likely to cause harm.




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