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Example for prompts to generate AI Anime images

Ai anime girl
Anime ai gi
Ai Anime girl
Ai anime generator
Ai anime prompts
Anime girl prompts
Anime ai drawing
Anime ai characters
Anime girl prompts
Ai anime generator
Ai anime prompts
Ai anime prompts

● You can enter simple words for the character you want to create, like

 Anime girl , boy, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, pikachu, ..


and complete the prompt by choosing some of the following words

 realistic, painting, lucy, portrait, asymmetrical hair, bodysuit, grey eyes, hip bent, open jacket, night, cute, look at viewer, sultry pose,perfect symmetrical body anatomy, cyberpunk, futuristic, perfect eyes, stunning features, perfect face!!, high details, digital painting, artstation, smooth face, soft focus, illustration, ultra detailed,  art by artgerm and greg rutkowski and alphonse mucha, masterpiece, best quality, expressive eyes, perfect face,close up A girl, dancing in the desert oasis, flowers, Dunhuang Murals, long hair, skirt,smile,highres, ultra detailed, textured, concept art, Incredible Detailed BREAK.

Suggested Stunning Prompts to Generate Awesome Images


  • Fantasy Warrior: "Epic fantasy warrior, intricate armor, glowing sword, battlefield background, high detail, dynamic pose."


  • Cyberpunk Cityscape: "Futuristic city at night, neon lights, rain, bustling streets, cyberpunk atmosphere, high detail."


  • Mystical Forest: "Enchanted forest, magical creatures, glowing plants, misty background, high detail, serene mood."


  • Steampunk Inventor: "Inventor in a steampunk workshop, mechanical gadgets, goggles, Victorian attire, high detail."


  • Space Explorer: "Astronaut exploring alien planet, futuristic spaceship, stars and galaxies in the background, high detail."



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The Dreamlike Anime interface offers a seamless experience:

  • Input Options: Express your ideas through typing your prompts.
  • Advanced Settings: Adjust the required output.
  • Generate Image: Click the "Generate Image" button and enjoy your masterpieces. View and share your generated artworks effortlessly.

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