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Generate AI images and merge your photos using our advanced AI character generator.

Create images with different personalities of yourself. Have fun creating various characters by creating AI characters and merging your photos with them. Simply it is Considered one of the most Advanced Human Character AI Generator.



What is the AI Human Character Generator m2 tool?

The AI Character generator m2 tool allows you to

  • creates AI images.
  • Embed your personal photo and swap it with the character inside the AI-generated image.
  • Enhance the final image quality.



Some instructions - It must be read carefully

How to use the tool

1. upload the image

It is best to upload a photo in which the face is clearly visible, and in high quality

2. Enter the prompt

Enter clear text about the character you want to create 

" A face photo of astronaut, doctor, singer, officer,.."

" A business man looking at the camera "

Create clear images for the characters in a realistic way, such as requesting the creation of an image of a pilot, worker, teacher, ...

3. After image generation, press on "embed face" button.




it is preferable to start your prompt with "A face photo of .." or use words "looking at the camera" 

this is recommended to create clear face images of the character you want to merge your face with.

● Scroll down the tool to find helpful prompts & and know more info about how to use the tool.

Examples for prompts

Free Ai character Generator

prompt :

A beautiful brunette pilot girl, beautiful, moody lighting, best quality, full body portrait, real picture, intricate details, depth of field, in a cold snowstorm, , Fujifilm XT3, outdoors, Beautiful lighting, RAW photo, 8k uhd, film grain, unreal engine 5, ray trace, detail skin, realistic.



Ai photo maker

prompt :

A handsome pilot man,moody lighting, best quality, full body portrait, real picture, intricate details, depth of field, in a cold snowstorm, , Fujifilm XT3, outdoors, Beautiful lighting, RAW photo, 8k uhd, film grain, unreal engine 5, ray trace, detail skin, realistic.

Ai character generator

  prompt :

['a woman with white hair and a flower crown in a forest, beautiful fantasy art portrait, beautiful fantasy portrait, very beautiful fantasy art, beautiful fantasy art, beautiful fantasy painting, beautiful fantasy maiden, goddess of winter, beautiful and elegant female elf, very beautiful elven top model, the ice queen, ((a beautiful fantasy empress)), stunning 3d render of a fairy']

['a woman in a red and gold outfit with a veil, indian goddess, arabian art, detailed beautiful portrait, very detailed beautiful face, very detailed and beautiful face, indian goddess of wealth, beautiful fantasy art portrait, indian empress, beautiful fantasy portrait, beauty woman with detailed faces, arabian princess, beautiful arab woman, persian queen, gorgeous digital painting, beautiful digital painting']



Open the following images to copy the prompt to use in the tool.

Custom Gallery



Steps to use AI character generator m2

Step 1: upload your Image and prompt, Adjust Settings

1.Upload Your Face Image: Begin by uploading your face image by clicking on the upload box in the tool's interface.

2. Enter Your Prompt: Describe the character you want to create an image of.

Choose Image Style : Select the image style from the available options such as Photographic, Cinematic, Anime, etc.

Advanced Settings:

▪︎ Preserve Face Structure: This option retains your facial features without alteration. You can deactivate it if you want the tool to make changes to your face, like altering the age, for example.

▪︎ Face Structure & Embed Strength: Other options are available to determine the degree of adherence to facial details.

Step 2: Image Creation

1. Press the "AI Image" button to generate the artificial intelligence image, which is the target image for embedding your face into.

2. After creating the image, you need to specify the following before swapping your image with the AI-generated one:

Source Face Position: This refers to the number assigned to the face you want to replace within the uploaded image. If there's only one person, enter '1'; if there are multiple people, specify the respective person's number from the left.

AI Face Position: This is specific to the AI-generated image. Enter '1' if it contains one person; if it contains multiple people, select the person's number you want to swap your face with from the left.

Click the "Embed Face" button to swap your face.

Step 3 (Optional): Image Enhancement for Optimal Quality

After obtaining the new AI-generated image containing your face, optionally enhance the image quality to achieve the best possible visual quality and ideal facial features.



Important tips to improve the results

1 . Select Clear and Well-Cropped Face Images

Ensure the face image used is clear, well-focused, and properly cropped. A high-quality image with the face prominently visible will yield more accurate and detailed results.

This step is not mandatory , but recommended.

You Can use our Ai tools to improve your photo quality, lightening and Colorization from the main menu ( photoshop using Ai section ).


2. Examples for the prompt

Linkedin profile picture

A singer ( man,woman, kid, .. ) on stage

A politician ( man ,..) talking to the people

An astronaut ( man , .. ) in space

Think of any character you want

pirate - pharaoh - Hollywood super star receives the Oscar - ...

Show your creativity and art - the created images can be downloaded by clicking on the small arrow at the top right of the image, or long pressing on the image and choosing download.


Share Your Awesome Characters!



Tips for Proper Usage

1. Use Responsibly: Users should employ the tool responsibly, respecting privacy and personal rights of others.

2. Avoid Misuse: Users should refrain from using the tool in ways deemed abusive or inappropriate, such as for deception or insulting others.

3. Privacy Awareness: Encourage users to respect the privacy of individuals in the images and refrain from using the tool to share photos without proper consent.

4. Potential Risks: we clarify the potential risks to users, such as sharing images in unsafe spaces or compromising privacy.

5. Adherence to Policies:

We are committed to complying with Google's policies, which may include preserving user privacy and not compromising personal data. Users are expected to use the tool in line with these policies, and we do not endorse or support any usage conflicting with these policies.



Important Clarification - Read it carefully

The app is intended for fun and entertainment purposes only. We have added filters and warnings to ensure the safety and well-being of users, and to prevent any misuse of the images created by the app.

However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the generated images, and users should not rely solely on the app for any purpose. By using the app, users agree to hold us harmless for any potential harm or damage caused by the use of the app or the images created by it.

Includes extra features to mitigate the implicit bias of the model and prevent explicit usage of it to generate content with faces of people, including third parties.



License- Read it carefully

The Responsible AI License allows users to take advantage of the model in a wide range of settings (including free use and redistribution) as long as they respect the specific use case restrictions outlined, which correspond to model applications the licensor deems ill-suited for the model or are likely to cause harm.




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