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Explore the Art of AI Face Swapping and Embedding with Mergify

Welcome to Mergify – your go-to free online AI face swap and merge tool. With Mergify, experience the pinnacle of AI technology for face merging and swapping. Our advanced AI technique ( deepswap) allows you to seamlessly merge and swap faces with AI images. Whether you're looking to merge pictures, swap faces online, or combine two photos, Mergify has you covered. With just a few clicks, transform photographs by exchanging faces with AI-generated images. Try Mergify now for the ultimate face swapping experience!

Ai face swap


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Free online AI face swapping and merging

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Merge your photos using Mergify

How to use Mergify tool for face swapping

Guidance for AI face swapping with Mergify

Upload two images:

1. Source Image: The image from which you want to extract the face to place it in the other image.

2. Destination Image: The target image where the face will be placed.

● Face Position number: This is the number of the face to be replaced in the image, starting from the left.

For example: If you have an image containing four people, and you want to swap the face of the person number 3 from the left, then put number 3 in the position number.

In case there is only one face in the image, leave the face position setting to 1.

What Makes AI Face Swap Tool - Mergify - Unique?

Ai face swap

You can swap and merge faces in Ai images containing either one person or a group of individuals by specifying the person's number in the image.

Also, it allows you to replace people in any Ai image.

Based on the target image, the tool can make you appear older or younger.

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Mergify Instructions to Swap and Merge Your Face

Free ai face swap online

Steps for face swapping

Photo ai generator

1. Upload your source image, whether it's a single person or a group of people in the picture.

 2. Write down the person's number to be replaced beneath this image:

 If there's one person in the image, keep the position number at "1".

If there are multiple people, specify their number from left to right.

3. Upload the destination image and write down the person's number exactly as you did in the first image.

 Important Note:

 Ensure you write the person's number in the image correctly; otherwise, the tool will give you an error during the swapping process.

 4. Click "Mergify" and wait for the result.

5. After getting the merged image, long press on it and choose download image.

Free ai face swap

Important Clarification - Read It Carefully

The app is intended for fun and entertainment purposes only. We have added filters and warnings to ensure the safety and well-being of users, and to prevent any misuse of the images created by the app.

Tips for Proper Usage

1. Use Responsibly: Users should employ the tool responsibly, respecting privacy and personal rights of others.

2. Avoid Misuse: Users should refrain from using the tool in ways deemed abusive or inappropriate, such as for deception or insulting others.

3. Privacy Awareness: Encourage users to respect the privacy of individuals in the images and refrain from using the tool to share photos without proper consent.

4. Potential Risks: we clarify the potential risks to users, such as sharing images in unsafe spaces or compromising privacy.

5. Adherence to Policies: We are committed to complying with Google's policies, which may include preserving user privacy and not compromising personal data. Users are expected to use the tool in line with these policies, and we do not endorse or support any usage conflicting with these policies.



License - Read It Carefully

The Responsible AI License allows users to take advantage of the model in a wide range of settings (including free use and redistribution) as long as they respect the specific use case restrictions outlined, which correspond to model applications the licensor deems ill-suited for the model or are likely to cause harm.



Deepswap Technology: Revolutionizing Face Swapping

At the heart of Mergify lies cutting-edge technology known as Deepswap. This innovative AI algorithm enables seamless face merging and swapping, revolutionizing the way we interact with images. Deepswap goes beyond traditional face swapping techniques, offering unparalleled precision and realism.


How Does Deepswap Work?


Deepswap employs advanced machine learning models to analyze facial features and context within images. By understanding the intricate details of each face, it can accurately merge and swap them with remarkable precision. This technology harnesses the power of deep neural networks to generate realistic results that seamlessly blend faces together.


 Benefits of Deepswap Technology


1. Enhanced Realism: Deepswap produces results that are indistinguishable from genuine photographs, ensuring a natural and lifelike appearance.


2. Versatility: Whether you're merging two faces into one image or swapping faces between multiple individuals, Deepswap handles the task effortlessly.


3. Ease of Use: Despite its sophisticated technology, Mergify's Deepswap feature remains user-friendly, allowing anyone to create stunning face swaps with ease.



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