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These Ai Image prompts were used exactly with Artigen Pro Ai Image Creator and these were the results. These prompts may present ideas to everyone and may give better or less results , just try and show your creativity.

Ai image prompts

['there is a man standing next to a statue of a man cooking food, realistic fantasy artwork, 3d epic illustrations, sylvain sarrailh and igor morski, realistic fantasy photography, 8k fantasy art, award on cgsociety, cgi clay sculpture, cgsociety 9, fantasy art behance, hyperrealistic fantasy art, 2. 5 d cgi anime fantasy artwork']

Prompts for image creation - Artigen Pro

Artigen pro ai prompts

Prompt - You can use alternative words instead of ( man ) ( snake )

['there is a man that is holding a snake in the water, award - winning 4 k photograph, award winning nature photograph, 8k award-winning photograph, award winning nature photo, award-winning photo, award - winning photo, hd award-winning photo, award winning color photo, award winning 4 k photo, award winning photograph, award-winning photography']

writing prompts

a beautifull wet pretty woman, there are water drops on the leaves, wide leaves, detailed cave background with river waterfall tropical forest, tropical vibes, shining leaves, shining water, cool green image, front, photo style high definition photography, hyperrealistic, UHD 8k resolution

Magic ai prompts

A photo of man, fronted face, alberto seveso art, water ink, colorful cloud, loose painting style, intricate detail, octane render, 8K, volumetric lighting.

Ai drawing prompts

THE TRAIN TO BUSAN, zombies, fear, terror, the plague, detailed concept art by Nekro XIII, Dan Mumford, Peter Mohrbacher, psychedelic black light, detailed, intricate complexity, epic composition, horror, morbid, terrifying, horrifying , 4K.

Ai Prompts
Bing image creator
Artigen pro ai

['there is a baby doll sitting in a pot with dirt on it, adorable digital painting, fairy garden, cute! c4d, stunning 3d render of a fairy, the joy of life, fairy cgsociety, detailed realistic beautiful, miniature photography, realistic detailed photography, whimsical art, cute 3 d render, cute toy, fairytale artwork, detailed realistic photography']

Ai Art prompts . .

An exaggerated female face is the centerpiece, staring into the camera, with a bustling urban streetscape merged within her facial features. The cityscape is notably prominent in her features, as if seen in the reflections in her eyes and lips. The face appears to be melting, with golden liquid metal dripping from the eyes and lips, flowing over the incorporated city scene, creating a sense of movement and surrealism. The golden flow not only imparts a vivid sense of dynamism to the image but also accentuates the role of the urban landscape in the visual narrative.

Artigen pro ai prompt

['araffe with a large body of food and a large body of sausages, octoberfest poster, octoberfest, germanic, art depicting control freak, nationalist, megalophobia, propaganda art, bruegels the tower of babel, fascist composition, tachism, by Werner Tübke, german, discord profile picture, superrealism'].

Ai anime generator

"Naruto in Hokage attire is very detailed, behind him is a terrifying Kurama, orange fur and ink-like tendrils flowing from Naruto's body and Kurama is very detailed. Meanwhile, an angry Kurama roars terrifyingly to convey power and mystery. Made with extraordinary texture ordinary, very detailed. Highly detailed effect shines from behind. Thick smoke billows in white, black and orange like a work of art" ultrarealistic hyperrealistic"

Prompts for ai image creation
Ai attractive prompts

['there is a cat in front of a computer, payday 2, catnet, convenience store, robbery, new cats movie, hyperrealistic digital art, crime photos, london gang member, discord profile picture, furry fursona, screenshot from gta v, still from a live action movie, cgsociety 9, epic stock photo, funny cat']

Ai pets prompts

Prompt ['painting of a cat wearing a denim jacket and jeans playing a guitar, awesome cat, digital art animal photo, funny cat, the guitar player, musician, by Hanns Katz, guitarist, anthropomorphic cat, cute cat photo, cowboy cats, cute cat, illustration of a cat, andy catling, anthro cat, photo of a cat']

prompt engineering

image artisry of potrait close up of woman full face with honeycomb all over her face

Ai bing prompt

A brightly smiling panda wearing a chef's uniform is cooking fried rice in the kitchen in a hot style, in the style of a Chinese martial arts movie. There are many ingredients in the kitchen, realistically detailed images with smoke and flames.

Art Prompts

Create a realistic high contrast image of an opened 3d book with pictures of green scenery and a lot of flowers with water fall and river flowing in the middle and it flows out of the books. there are also birds and butterflies in the pages and flew out of the book.

prompts - Artigen Pro
Captain America ai


['captain america eating a sandwich with a captain america hat, super soldier, portrait of captain america, vader as captain america, still from avengers endgame, film still from avengers endgame, captain america, elon musk as captain america, avatar aang as captain america, mr bean as captain america, shrek as captain america, johnny depp as captain america, avengers endgame, mcu photograph']

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Superman ai prompt

['superman eating a sandwich while sitting on a table, danny devito as superman, superman, gabe newell as a superman, super hero, superman costume.giga chad capaybara, supersampled, donald trump as superman, fat cat superhero, superman is high, goku in real life, superhero body, superhero, super power, the strongest superhero, absolute chad'].

woman ai prompts
ai art prompts

An image of a woman's face, half veiled in shadow, half illuminated by a fiery red glow, symbolizing the internal struggle between light and darkness, love and evil, within the human soul.

Creative ai prompts

A picture with very high contrast and low-key photography.A young woman water bending and manipulating water in a canyon waterfall lake deep in the mountain with contrasting reflections,the water is morphing and taking the shape of a transparent glass sparkling colorful water,blue,green,purple,red,yellow


Modes of transportation, generate a hyper realistic image of a futuristic but very elegant car, adorned with Mayan hieroglyphs, with gold and minimalist lines that inspire power and modernity, parked at a modern, ultra-realistic with a high level of detail

Bing image creator

['there is a woman that is laying in a cup of coffee, cgsociety 9, swimming in a pool of coffee, highly detailed vfx espresso, hot coffee, huge cup of coffee, by Hedi Xandt, woman drinking coffee, by Igor Morski, hyperrealistic 3d digital art, hyperrealistic 3 d digital art, hyper real, hyper realistic digital art']

Stunning prompts for Artigen Pro
midjourney prompts

a close up of a bug on a black surface, golden edges and fractals,blue eyes cgsociety saturated colors, 3d asset, with ornate jewelled, ants, rhinoceros 3d, detailed humanoid, 4 d image 8k, without text, artistic render, elegant render

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generated_image.png-66 (2)

Full Prompt 

['there is a robot with many balloons attached to it, pixar 3 d animation style, pixar art 3d, disney pixar 3d style, pixar and disney 3d style, pixar animation style , pixar animation studio, pixar 3d render, pixar renderman, pixar render, pixar renderman render, pixar rendering, pixar animation, corporate animation style, pixar cgi']

Ai girl prompt

Full Prompt 

There is a little girl holding a glowing crystal in her hand, stunning 3d render of a fairy, fairy cgsociety, by Tom Chambers, faerie, realistic fantasy photography, fairytale artwork, fairies have wings, beautiful fantasy art, inspired by Tom Chambers, beautiful fairie, fairylike, portrait of a fairy, fantasy photography, very beautiful fantasy art, tom chambers photography.

Skull ai prompt
Skull ai

['a close up of a skull with barbed wire around it, cgsociety 9, antoine collignon, 8 k highly detailed ❤🔥 🔥 💀 🤖 🚀, sacred skull, dark - art, dark-art, highly detailed dark art, intricate and epic concept art, detailed 4k horror artwork, darkart, dark sci-fi art, 8k stunning artwork']

generated_image.png-75 (2)
Elon musk ai prompt


['arafed man with a mustache and a fake mustache on his face, elon musk portrait, portrait of elon musk, elon musk as a skyrim character, elon musk, exotic alien elon musk, anime elon musk, elon musk as joker, elon musk as a musketeer, elon musk as punisher, elon musk as iron man, elon musk in minecraft']

Ai prompts - Artigen Pro
Image promots


Agent Michael Weston, portrait, intricate background, octane render

Ai image prompts


Glass bottle lying on ground. Inside is an fantasy landscape with two kids playing.

best ai art prompts

create a realistic high contrast image of an opened 3d book with pictures of green scenery and a lot of flowers with water fall and river flowing in the middle and it flows out of the books. there are also birds and butterflies in the pages and flew out of the book.

bing ai prompt

['arafed woman in black shirt and black pants riding a skateboard, skate park, skatepark, action sports photography, fisheye lens photography, skateboard art, woman in streetwear, extreme sports photography, realistic portrait photography, foreshortening photography, skateboarder style, at a skate park, 8k artistic portrait photography, standing on a skateboard, cgsociety 9']

Ai Image prompt generator

an asian woman, is writing in her luxurious work space, wearing clothes..., in front of the work desk there is a laptop, and other writing equipment, with a luxurious work space in the background, realistic details

Magic ai prompts

['arafed image of a castle in a glass case with a dragon on top, by Mike Winkelmann, by Filip Hodas, cgsociety 9, by Chris LaBrooy, dark fantasy digital art, hyperrealistic d & d fantasy art, trending digital fantasy art, fantasy kunst, realistic fantasy photography, greg rutkowski and artgerm']

Artigen Pro - Ai prompts
writing prompt generator

Bears, badger, skulls and Mason jars full of glass eyes and marbles.

drawing prompts

['arafed dog made of pebbles on a gray background, stone art, realistic rock figurine, beautiful dog head, painting of cute dog, by Chris LaBrooy, highly detailed 3 d art, hyper realistic texture, hypperrealistic 3 d sculpture, morphing dog head, rock art, pebbles, rock painting, hyper realistic digital art, digital art highly-detailed']

generated_image.png-64 (1)


['a cartoon bulldog smoking marijuana while wearing a blue shirt, mascot, telegram sticker, mascot illustration, full body mascot, marihuana, high times, thc, nba style bulldog mascot, style of hydro74, high contras, cannabis!, high detailed cartoon, personification of marijuana, jahbu art, wearing a marijuana t - shirt, vibrant cartoon art']

prompt generator

 A dancing girl in white crystal dress. Dress turns into glowing pink ice and water, action shot.

Ai art generator

 a glass of red wine, from the glass comes a dancing woman made of wine, wearing a dress, stylized, realistic, HD, 3D, black background.

Ai image prompts

['a close up of a snow globe with a christmas scene inside, intricate ornate anime cgi style, snowglobe, snow globe, cute! c4d, by Mike Winkelmann, by François Louis Thomas Francia, vfx render, cgsociety 9, vfx art, by Manuel Franquelo, beeple and mike winkelmann, features between french'].

Flower ai prompt

The prompt

['a close up of a flower with butterflies and a butterfly, dark flower pattern wallpaper, fantasy flowers and leaves, beautiful art uhd 4 k, flowers background, depicting a flower, magical colorful flowers, ornate flower design, flowery wallpaper, floral flowers colorful, very beautiful fantasy art, beautiful gorgeous digital art, very beautiful digital art, beautiful digital artwork, beautiful fantasy painting']

Artigen Pro Prompts
Artigen Pro ai prompts

['two hot dogs are standing on a path with a park bench, an anthropomorphic stomach, tardigrade, fleshy figures, trending on mascot, microscopic tardigrade,by Chris LaBrooy, microscopic tardigrade, tardigrade wearing sunglasses, wrinkles and muscle tissues, funny weird illustration, realistic flesh']

Ai art generator

["arafed boy reading a book with animals and birds flying around, storybook art, storybook illustation, storybook fantasy, childrens book art, beautiful render of a fairytale, children's book art, creative photo manipulation, storybook design, children's storybook, storybook illustration, story book illustration, story book design, a storybook illustration, story art"]

Ai image creator

['there is a bottle with a painting of a town on it, beautiful intricate glass bottle, dreamscape in a jar, ship in a bottle, intricate fantasy painting, sand art bottle, inside a glass jar, paint-on-glass painting, highly detailed fantasy art, intricate detailed digital art, exquisite digital illustration, painting of one health potion, intricate oil painting artwork']

Ai image prompts

An ethereal opalescent crystal apple with soft irridescend green and ruby enchanting hummingbirds flying gently inside, floating on a lake surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest with exotic flowers.

Ai prompt artigen pro

['a close up of a giant statue of a monster with cactuses and other things, tenochtitlan, aztec god, mexico, aztec mythology,mexican warrior, epic 3 d oxaguian, mexican folklore, azctec warrior, made in maya, 3 d game art, 3d game art, in the art style of quetzecoatl']

Bing ai prompts

['a close up of a glass ball with a picture of a beach inside, glass ball, glass sphere, glossy sphere, translucent sphere, crystal ball, reflections on a glass table, pixabay contest winner, 3d parallax view effect, ray tracing reflection, unsplash transparent, ray tracing reflections, hyper realistic reflections, caustics and refraction, mirror world, realistic reflection']

Ai Art prompts - Artigen Pro
Artigen Pro ai art generator
Artigen Pro ai image generator
Artigen Pro ai image generator

The Prompt

['painting of a man looking at a woman in a mirror, gigachad portrait, portrait of gigachad, realistic renaissance portrait, style of da vinci, hyper realism renaissance art, da vinci painting, classical artwork, greg rutkowski and da vinci, classic art, mona lisa, masterpiece image, classic painting, da vinci style, classical art, classical painting'].

Artigen pro ai art creator


['arafed image of a child pointing at a painting of an old man, by Xie Huan, by Xie Sun, do hoang tuong artwork, by Russell Dongjun Lu, realistic, cheng yi, by Zhao Yong, by Xie Shichen, chinese artist, by Fang Congyi, by Zheng Xie, by Hu Zao']

Dragon ai (1)
Artigen pro ai (1)


['arafed dragon sitting on a book in a library with candles, dragon design language, unreal engine 5 quality render, hyper realistic fantasy monster, anthropomorphic dragon, drachenlord, the first steampunk dragon, 2. 5 d cgi anime fantasy artwork, unreal engine 5 render dramatic, but as an anthropomorphic dragon, arcane books']

Ai creative art prompts


venom is a monster like creature with a massive mouth and sharp teeth, mix of venom and cthulhu, venomized, venom, tentacles growing from its face, venom fangs, venom symbiote, krakens, octopus, venomize, cgsociety 9, hyper realistic fantasy monster, cthulu, kraken, scary detailed art in color, cute cthulhu

Photo real ai prompts
Selfie ai prompts

['araffe with open mouth and teeth taking a picture of a man in the water, the last selfie on earth, last selfie on earth, selfie photography, bad selfie, still from the movie sharknado, the last selfie ever taken, taking selfies, taking a selfie, last selfie ever taken, selfie of a man, viral photo, disaster photography']